Brand Strategy & Verbal Identity


Connecting people and possibility.


Defining purpose in a functional space. 

The Challenge

DoorDash had been focused on launching and maintaining a restaurant network with the best selection, fastest times and best quality. But operating in a crowded field, they needed to evolve their brand so they could continue to differentiate themselves.


The Work

Delivering good. 

In collaboration with Character SF, we dashed, we dined and we reviewed the competition. We spoke to restaurant owners and key stakeholders. It all came back to the spirit of the company—DoorDash doesn’t just deliver meals, they deliver potential. They give people more time in their day, more money in their pocket, and more opportunities to spend time with the people they love. 

Using the strategy as a conceptual lens for expression, we crafted a distinct tone of voice that spoke to their diverse audiences and identified the appropriate places to reinforce their differentiation. Finally, we helped DoorDash launch their new brand to internal teams with an immersive internal brand microsite.