strategy & storytelling

We are a story-led brand studio.


We believe the soul of every good brand is a good story. Far too often there’s a disconnect between the ideas (the strategy) and the expression (the messaging, the vibe, the experiences). Our sweet spot lives here. With Nimble, you get a big picture perspective and a sweat-the-details mentality. So, wherever you are in your process, we can help. We are, ahem, nimble after all.


Our Services


Brand Consulting 

Partner with internal teams to help jump-start creative thinking and lend a valuable outside perspective. This could be a workshop, a discrete project or an ongoing partnership.


Brand Strategy 

Identify opportunities and challenges that build a rich understanding of the brand to rally internal teams, guide business decisions, and inspire external expression.


Verbal Identity 

A framework for what to say and how to say it — from big ideas to value propositions and supporting messages — that shows how your unique position shapes your communications.


Visual Identity

A comprehensive visual toolkit with logo guidelines, color palette, typography, and “in the wild” applications that demonstrate how the brand differentiates and creates impact. 


Brand Expression

Launching a new product, refreshing a website or just gearing up for a big campaign—we can make it happen from concept to creation. 


And a lot of other things that rarely fit into a neat box — there’s a lot of overlap between services and vast grey areas we cover too.


Brand Workshop
Brand Architecture
Audience Segmentation
Customer Journey
Content Strategy
Experience Design
Tagline Development

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