MCB Biolabs

Verbal Identity, Content Strategy, Website, Pitch Deck & Photography


A premier life science incubator with state-of-the-art lab facilities, a vibrant community and a growing footprint across the Bay Area.


The Challenge

3 audiences and a growing ecosystem.

The challenge was uncovering an authentic and unique story that spoke to the ambitions of entrepreneurs, the success metrics for investors and the interests of corporate biotech.


The Approach

Building the foundation for storytelling.

We dug into each audience, discovering what they were looking for and what inspired them to act. We helped clarify what they do, how they are different and why it matters. This crystallization of purpose and platform became crucial foundational work for rewriting and rearchitecting their website and developing a thoughtful and actionable content strategy.


The Story

Crafting a multi-faceted narrative.

While each audience will find slightly different value in the brand, at its core, it’s an entrepreneur-first offering. So we built a brand narrative that spoke directly to the people at the bench solving today’s most challenging scientific problems. We organized the site experience with the interested entrepreneur in mind, highlighting real success stories, services, transparent pricing and event information.

SS_Squares Nimble.jpg

The Design

Bringing vibrancy to a sterile environment.

We wanted to build a system that was rooted in the existing brand identity but brought with it a new simplicity and visual interest. We created design elements that could be easily scalable and applied to a variety of assets beyond the website. With the help of talented photographer, Todd Tankersley, we captured entrepreneurs at work, in the lab and in their element. 

SS_Squares Nimble_wide.jpg

Photography by Todd Tankersley