Reach Capital

Verbal Identity, Website Copy & Design


A venture capital firm that supports people and ideas to expand the reach of education. 


The Challenge

Casting a wider net. 

With a new fund and an expansion of scope and scale of investment, Reach was looking to broaden their portfolio of entrepreneurs and break out of their non-profit perception. 


The Approach

Expanding on a deeply held mission.

We wanted to remind people that education lives well beyond the classroom and traditional tools. We helped them solidify their point of view on the power of education and its impact on society as a whole. 


The Story

Education as the biggest lever for lifelong impact.

Positioning Reach as the partner to help usher in a new crop of impact-driven products and services, we crafted a narrative around lifelong learning. We wanted to highlight that social impact and fiscal success were not disparate goals but intrinsically linked. 


The Design

Taking inspiration from the classroom.

We created a modern visual language that borrowed inspiration from traditional education tools like the highlighter and illustrative elements. The color palette was thoughtfully built to mirror their diverse investment portfolio and the people within the Reach organization.


Illustration by Aga Kozak