L'Auberge de Sedona

Verbal Identity, Visual Refresh, Collateral Copy & Design 


A luxury hotel and spa in the heart of Sedona, Arizona with a fresh story to tell.


The Challenge

Attracting a new generation of travelers.

With newly renovated rooms boasting bigger price tags and modern amenities, L’Auberge de Sedona needed to update their collateral and brand story to match their elevated look and experience. 


The Approach

Finding differentiation.

Nimble set out to redefine the visual and verbal expression for the brand, honing in on the unique boutique vibes that appeal to savvy millennial travelers and celebrating the distinctive juxtapositions that define the property. Their competitive set was primarily sprawling all-inclusive resorts, so we urged them to lean into the undeniable magic of their location.


The Story

Celebrating juxtapositions.

After staying at the property and experiencing Sedona for ourselves, we found the most compelling story was the sense of intersection and connection. L’Auberge brings people, perspectives and experiences together in a truly unique combination. We focused on the spirit of Sedona, positioning L’Auberge de Sedona as the place to have it all. 


The Design

Bringing modern simplicity.

The hotel welcome guide was used as the ultimate proof of concept — to display both the new verbal and visual language. The result was a 20-page booklet that combined rich information about their luxury offerings, local tips for exploring the best of Sedona, as well as a spotlight on local artists and events.